Are your films 4K quality?

Yes! We film and deliver all highlight films in glorious 4K resolution (without an upcharge). This means that your film will look absolutely brilliant and will be future-proof for years to come, as 4K resolution is still not the industry standard... yet!

Do you offer Live-Streaming?

Yes! With the increased demand for live-streaming, we are proud to offer this option as an add-on to any of our packages. We offer live-streaming for the ceremony only.

How much input do I have with my final wedding film?

If you are interested in our services, we are assuming you are hiring us for our expertise and that you will trust us to create the most memorable film for your big day. If you have seen any of our films, you know the amount of care and detail that goes into each one of them. We want you to be able to relax and leave the filmmaking to our creative process. Who wants to worry about their wedding film when they have so much else on their plate! We promise, you won’t be disappointed.


How many videographers will be present at the wedding?

Though my wife attends many weddings as my assistant and runs our second and third cameras during the ceremony and reception, I (Nathan) technically shoot weddings solo (as many videographers do). I pride myself in being able to create a wedding film with the same (or better) quality as a multiple shooter team. Take a look at our films and we promise that you won’t be able to tell the difference between single shooter coverage and multiple shooter coverage!


When will my wedding film be ready to view?

Please allow up to 16 weeks for us to complete your film. We pride ourselves with incredibly quick turnaround, but in the peak of wedding season, we have to play it safe and give ourselves a little buffer room, just in case we get backlogged. Most likely, it will be significantly sooner, but we always want to be overly cautious more than overly ambitious. We deliberately limit the number of weddings we cover per year, which allows us to focus all of our attention on each event and editing said event, so that we offer our couples the absolute best wedding film we can produce.

Can I choose what music goes into my film?

Due to copyright laws and how easy it is to get in legal trouble with music labels, we are not able to use the popular music you are probably thinking about having in your film (like Jason Mraz or Maroon 5). This is the case for most videographers who are professional and are knowledgeable about copyright laws. We license all the music that we use for our films from music licensing companies, such as, Artlist, Audiio, and Soundstripe. This means that we pay for the use of individual songs that are created specifically for films like this. However, we definitely want to know what genre and style of music you are looking to incorporate into your film. This way, we're better able to select the perfect song for your film. If you so desire, please send us a couple examples of songs that you really like and we can find something similar that will complement your film.

What is your style of filmmaking?

This is a loaded question that is somewhat difficult to answer definitively, but we believe that watching a few of my wedding films can easily answer this question. Filmmaking styles are ever evolving, especially as we, filmmakers, continue to hone and sharpen our skills. However, we like to think that we have a very cinematic style that is heavily story-focused and emotion-based. We like to experience the wedding and then match the style of the film with the vibe of the day and who you are as a unique couple. Every wedding film is a new experience and no two are the same. We attentively piece your film together like a delicate puzzle so that all the elements fit just right and give us a final product that truly tells your story, lets the world know who you are and shows how special your big day turned out.

How do you work with my photographer on the wedding day?

We always reach out to your photographer (and DJ) before the wedding date to introduce ourselves (especially if we haven’t worked together before) and make sure to make a good first impression and let them know that we're there to help them out, so that the day goes as smoothly as possible and to let them know if there is anything we need from them and vice/versa. All vendors should be respectful of each other and their work, so we strive to be as accommodating as possible and we expect the same in return. The wedding day is already stressful enough, so we like to get along with other vendors to the best of our ability, not just for our own sake, but for the sake of our amazing couples.

What is your presence like throughout the wedding day?

Our gear is very minimal and we try to stay "in the shadows" as much as possible, as to not interfere with your big day. Please let us know how much or how little you want us to be present (mostly for events like the ceremony). Remember, we will be roaming around like the photographer (many times with the photographer), trying to get the best shots possible, so limiting our mobility will affect the final product and what is captured. We want create the best possible film for you, so we ask that you trust our creative process and our desire to get great shots, but we do try to be elusive to the best of our ability - we like to be flies on the wall and one last thing you have to worry about.

How do you get audio throughout the day?

We use small, self-sustaining, lapel microphones that easily fit under the bride’s dress, on the groom, and the officiant. We also use a hidden recorder that is placed on any handheld mics throughout the day (toasts, speeches, etc.) and we use a third recorder to capture audio directly from the DJ’s board, as a backup. And sometimes, we even use a fourth backup that is connected to a free-standing speaker. We are very thorough and desire the best possible audio outcome! We take no chances.

As a single shooter, how do you capture multiple events happening at the same time (i.e. bride prep vs. groom prep)?

First and foremost, the bride is my main priority. I work with the photographer to make sure not to miss important parts of the bride’s preparation, like zipping the dress, the bridesmaid’s first look, father’s first look, or reading of a letter. If I have time before or during this early timeframe, I will grab some groom prep (which is usually very minimal and quick) and come back to the bride. If I am unable to get groom prep early on, I usually have time at the venue or right before the ceremony, to get quick shots of the groom and his attire. It’s really a matter of good communication with the bride and the photographer.

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